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Emily Allbon, City Law School's Law Librarian at Northampton Square provides a great insight into our study relationship with the legal media world and its abundance of information.

So how do you process it? The never ending stream of legal news, journal articles (not forgetting statute amendments!) to get to the information you so badly need?

Have you developed methods for researching online or reading texts (do you 'skim over' or analyse)? Are you keeping up with new technology and software (or your trusted law librarian) to guide you?

Whatever your method, habit or preference for studying and research, Emily questions students' abilities to cope with ever-changing dynamics of technology and its effects on students' legal methods. Tackling mushrooming resources and current or fleeting information is where students will have to develop their skills - but perhaps there is a balance to strike.

Emily promotes using various study resources, communication channels and reflects on how students can develop their legal research skills, whether by using technology or your faithful law librarian.