Last updated: 16 Jul 2018
Question & answer medical law – Michelle Robson, Kristina Swift, Helen Kingston, Carolyn Fyall
Complete equity and trusts : text, cases, and materials – Richard Clements, Ademola Abass
Employment law – Malcolm Sargeant and David Lewis
Contract law – Mindy Chen-Wishart
Introduction to EU energy law – Kim Talus
Contract law : text, cases, and materials – Ewan McKendrick
Criminal law : text, cases, and materials – Jonathan Herring
The principles of equity & trusts – Graham Virgo
Law of employment;Selwyn's law of employment – Astra Emir
Evidence – Andrew L-T Choo
Constitutional and administrative law – Neil Parpworth
JC Smith's the law of contract – Paul S. Davies
Constitutional law, administrative law, and human rights : a critical introduction – Ian Loveland
Trusts & equity – Gary Watt
Tort law – Vera Bermingham, Carol Brennan
Q&A commercial law – Jo Reddy and Rick Canavan
Q&A medical law – Jonathan Herring
Question & answer land law – John Duddington
Intellectual property law;Intellectual property – Tim Press
Immigration law handbook – Phelan, Margaret (Barrister), author.
How to write law essays & exams – S.I. Strong, PhD (Cantab), DPhil (Oxon), JD (Duke)
Family law – Ruth Gaffney-Rhys
Question & answer European Union law – Guth, Jessica, author.
Question & answer equity and trusts – John Duddington
Equity and trusts – Margeret Wilkie, Rosalind Malcolm, Peter Luxton